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Our Counseling Interns

Our Interns

Lara Brazle

I am a marriage and family therapy student in the master’s program at National University, a COAMFTE-accredited program. I received my undergraduate degree from Rochester University in behavioral science with a track in social work. My background in social work, combined with a job as a caseworker for many years, and now working toward a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, has contributed to a unique, systemic perspective about how individuals, families, and marriages function. I believe that everyone has a purpose and a story. We are all also connected to each other by our stories. Using a variety of therapy techniques, I believe I can help you wade through the complicated emotions you may be feeling and help you process them in a healthy way. I am here for you and anything you may be facing. I am passionate about helping people and families and would love to explore how I can partner with you, as you own and work through your story.

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