Our Counseling Interns

Our Interns

Hannah Davidhizar

Each person has a story to tell, and everyone’s story is unique and valuable. It takes a lot of courage to explore who you are and to embrace your story. Hannah Davidhizar is committed to providing a safe, empowering, and encouraging environment where a client can discover healing and pursue mental and emotional wellness. Hannah Davidhizar is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Mental and Clinical Health Counseling at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. She has previously obtained a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. Hannah has attended workshops and conferences focusing on trauma and sexual abuse. She has intern experience with a non-profit organization that provided grief/bereavement support groups for adults, teens, and children. Additionally, she is passionate about working with individuals who encounter hardships in anxiety/depression, women’s sexuality, and grief/loss. Hannah believes that counseling should be a collaborative approach that includes the client’s perspectives, desires, and culture to be validated and respected. To Hannah, it is important to foster an authentic and trusting relationship that allows for a holistic healing process. Hannah looks forward to meeting with you!

Michelle Lonergan

Michele Lonergan is a clinical mental health counseling student in the Master’s program at Northwestern University, a CACREP-accredited program. Michele is a member of the American Counseling Association and the American Mental Health Counselors Association. Michele subscribes to the counseling profession’s emphasis on development, growth, wellness, and advocacy when working with clients. She helps clients realize their goals through an integrated psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and multicultural lens with the use of appropriate diagnosis, assessment, and evidence-based interventions. Michele is passionate about using a person-centered approach to create a therapeutic environment where compassion, empathy, and non-judgement are valued and practiced. Michele brings a lifetime of experience to her practice and believes in the power of relationship to heal. The therapy hour is a powerful opportunity to be seen, heard, and validated. Michele is particularly interested in helping clients navigate life transitions, process trauma, and find meaning in their experiences. Michele looks forward to walking the path with you.

BreAnna Fiala
BreAnna Fiala, ACG.jpeg

Sharing your story matters and BreAnna considers it an honor anytime a client chooses to share theirs with her. Inviting someone else into your journey can feel scary, exciting, comforting and vulnerable, but there is something powerful that happens when you do. Whether you have shared your story many times before or this is your first time, BreAnna is ready to walk that journey with you. BreAnna is able to work with clients from all different backgrounds, but especially has a heart for those dealing with issues related to aging, identity, grief and loss, and burnout as well as anxiety and depression.

Originally from North Dakota, BreAnna moved to Michigan in January 2020 to pursue her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. In her short time in Grand Rapids, she has come to love the city and its people. Having lived around the U.S. and world, BreAnna values the diversity that is found here and enjoys when clients bring their own culture to the counseling session.

Phil Quinn

Phil Quinn is a clinical mental health counseling student in the Master’s program at Northwestern University, a CACREP-accredited program and is a member of the American Counseling Association. Phil received his Master of Divinity from Western Theological Seminary and is an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America.  Phil’s experiences in the church, in human resources, and in social justice work have made him especially passionate about supporting people that have experienced trauma in the workplace, in the church, and in their communities – especially around issues of exclusion and discrimination related to sexuality, gender identity, and neurodiversity.  Phil comes to the counseling relationship from an integrated psychodynamic, person-centered, and systems lens, recognizing that every person and every context is unique. Phil is dedicated to creating and facilitating safe spaces where people can explore their identities, emotions, fears, and longings – where people know that they matter and belong, where space is made for healing and growth from which a person is able to live more fully and freely into their own sense of self and their place in their community.