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Our Counseling Interns

Our Interns

Taylor Howell

I am currently a Master’s of Social Work student at Grand Valley State University, where I
also completed a bachelor’s in psychology. My goal is to create a safe, nurturing, and
empowering environment that provides you with tools and support to meet the challenges of
your life - whether you are dealing with anxiety, past trauma, depression, or simply the
difficulties and stressors of everyday life. I hope to explore work with adolescents,
individuals, and families through a practice grounded in empathy, authenticity, and
compassion. I am dedicated to connecting and learning about your story while
acknowledging that you are the expert of that story. Through use of various therapeutic
approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy and strength-based perspective, I hope
to help you move towards peace and fulfillment within your life. Therapy is a journey of
gaining understanding of your own story. You already hold the keys to your own healing; I
am here to help you unlock them!

Kaylyn Guinn

Hi there! My name is Kaylyn and I am a graduate student finishing my MSW graduate program at Grand Valley State University with my focus being in the clinical world of social work as a marriage and couple’s therapist. I completed my undergraduate degree at Grand Valley State University as well, in criminal justice, and then went on to work as a CPS Investigator in Ottawa County, MI. Following this I then served in the United States Army as a 31B - Military Police. After completing my military service I worked as a CPS Investigator again, but in El Paso County, Colorado. My experience with working with families on my caseloads, especially parents, during difficult times and for multiple years combined with the experience of interacting with people from all walks of life and background from my time as both a caseworker as well as military police, has helped to create my unique and compassionate approach with individuals. My broad and extensive experience in the world of both social work and law enforcement, combined with my educational experience as I complete my master’s degree, has given me an incredible foundation for helping, serving, and guiding others through a therapeutic relationship. Whether you have a partner or are single, I am here for you and would be honored to be allowed to facilitate you, empower you, partner with you, and be there for you as you deal with life and all of the challenges and obstacles that come your way. You are not alone and I cannot wait to meet you!

Kerri Clark

I am currently finishing my Master’s in Marriage and Family degree through Amridge University. I aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment to facilitate safe and open conversations with my clients. I am passionate about helping couples heal and strengthen their relationships whether they are dealing with infidelity, conflicting personalities and ideals, or just getting started in their relationship. I also have a passion for helping individuals live to their fullest potential as they navigate their daily struggles. My work focuses on opening lines of communication and creating healthy and realistic expectations for others and themselves by using a cognitive approach. I believe in collaborating with my clients to help them reach their goals. You are not alone; I am here to walk this journey with you!

Jen Tingey
Jen Tingey_1728_edited.jpg

Hello! I'm a counseling intern and a clinical mental health counseling master's degree student at Northwestern University. I have a deep passion for supporting individuals who desire change and healing. I employ a holistic, psychodynamic framework, utilizing evidence-based techniques and a person-centered approach to ensure my approach is tailored to your needs and goals. Creating a warm and collaborative therapeutic relationship with you is my top priority. My research and experience encompass working with parents of LGBTQ+ children and individuals navigating faith crises or recovering from religious harm. My passion is to provide multiculturally competent and respectful care for all individuals. As a student member of the American Counseling Association, I uphold high ethical standards of client care, confidentiality, and non-judgment. I am committed to learning, seeking feedback, and utilizing ongoing supervision to grow as a therapist so you can receive the effective and compassionate care you deserve. I am here to support you as we walk toward achieving your goals and enhancing your well-being.

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